Bone Wide Hips


I’ve (obviously) been taking a break from this Tumblr to try to focus on some other things but I have to share my excitement: I’m running a half-marathon in October!!

I’m running 6 milers right now, so I have some serious training to do but I am SO excited. A bunch of my girlfriends are doing it with me and I’m hoping it gives me the motivation to really push through this plateau I aways hit and really see what my body can do. 

Getting up at 6 AM is brutal, but these early morning runs I’ve been doing make me feel fantastic for the rest of the day. 

My progress recently has been much more physical than visual.

I’ve started running outside, doing 4 and 5 mile runs and it feels amazing and I’m getting so much faster and better than I ever was on the treadmill. I’m signing up for the half-marathon in March.

It’s summertime and it’s hot and I feel mostly comfortable in the little clothes I’ve been wearing. Mostly. 

I still want to learn another 10 pounds, and my body feels completely stalled. I have not gotten to where I was before Christmas since then. I’m strong and fit and look good, but I’m still not perfect. I’ll never be perfect, but I’m going to keep trying. 

I still struggle with resisting food. The studio I work at has a kitchen packed with treats, and food shoots happening constantly so I’m always surrounded by 15 pound bars of chocolate and food stylists baking cookies for 3 days straight. It’s hard. I do alright, but it is so hard. 

But I run and stretch and lift weights and just keep working. It’s good.